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Our Mission

We broadly contribute to a global community with our business philosophy of being eFairf, eHonestf and eOpenf.

  • Animal welfare

    Our stress-free vaccines lead to healthier animals and improve productivity of livestock.

  • The prevention of animal epidemics

    We contribute to preventing the worldwide animal epidemics by offering vaccines for rabies, hog cholera, avian influenza, equine influenza, equine viral arteritis, and so on.

  • Technical innovation

    We work toward improving vaccine quality and technology with our experience, knowledge and skill gained in more than a half century of innovation activities.

  • International contributions

    We provide veterinary medicinal products with reliable performance as "Quality of Japan" in international markets.

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Company Profile

Business established

March 1, 1947

Company incorporated

November 16, 1959

Company name

Nisseiken Co., Ltd.

Ome Head Office

9-2221-1 Shin-machi, Ome,
Tokyo 198-0024, Japan
Site area: 35,794.86 m2
Phone: +81-428-33-1001 (switchboard)
Fax: +81-428-31-6166

Kobuchisawa Facility

3331-114 Kamisasao, Kobuchisawa, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0041, Japan
Site area: 67,260.57 m2
Tel: +81-551-36-2333
Fax: +81-551-36-5577
Email: lab-animal@nibs.or.jp


Shinya Nagai


360,000,000 yen

Banks of account

Risona Bank, Higashiome Branch
Tama-Shinkin Bank, Main Office

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Key Businesses

Manufacturing and wholesaling of veterinary medical products

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