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Mission (Social duty)

"Dedicated to the health of human beings and animals, utilizing the science of preventative medicine."

From their onset, all of our businesses have developed based on this fundamental mission

Vision (Five business policies)

  • Core competence

    Established history of developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative veterinary prophylactic products (vaccines) and other innovative products using the latest advances in science and technology

  • Customer focused

    Exist on the leading edge of research in the epidemiology of disease, allowing us to promptly determine customer needs and release high-quality animal/human-friendly products in a timely manner

  • Long-term perspective and sustainability of development

    Consistent business expansion in domestic and global markets based on a long-term business policy rather than short-term profit
    Aspire to a longstanding global enterprise through the cultivation of competitive human resources

  • Public trust

    Business operations are conducted to high moral standards, always adhering to our pharmaceutical company's social responsibilities and applicable laws and regulations

  • Contribution to the development of science and technology

    Engaged in the field of life sciences through contribution to academic veterinary medicine and public health

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Company Profile

Business established

March 1, 1947

Company incorporated

November 16, 1959

Company name

Nisseiken Co., Ltd.

Ome Head Office

9-2221-1 Shin-machi, Ome,
Tokyo 198-0024, Japan
Site area: 35,794.86 m2
Phone: +81-428-33-1001 (switchboard)
Fax: +81-428-31-6166

Kobuchisawa Facility

3331-114 Kamisasao, Kobuchisawa, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0041, Japan
Site area: 67,260.57 m2
Tel: +81-551-36-2333
Fax: +81-551-36-5577


Shinya Nagai


360,000,000 yen

Banks of account

Risona Bank, Higashiome Branch
Tama-Shinkin Bank, Main Office

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Key Businesses

Manufacturing and wholesaling of veterinary medical products

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